Mary Elwes by J B MacCallum

The Bones OF Mary Elwes

Broom Street, an underground railway station with a tragic history and abandoned since the 1950’s, is surveyed by a present day maintenance crew. After one of them is seriously injured, claiming to have been pushed by unseen hands, and video footage captures strange light phenomena, two of the crew make contact with a small team of paranormal investigators.

Acting without official permission, the paranormal team, including a powerful psychic, are taken down into the eerie dilapidated station, and adjoining tunnels, to conduct an all night investigation. After making a gruesome discovery that horrifies them all, it soon becomes apparent that a dark force is present.

Strange Days by J B MacCallum

Strange Days

Frustrated by his mundane job and absence of any musical success, singing and playing in a pub band is 25 year old Callum ‘Cal’ Rennie’s only real escape from his hum drum existence.

After drowning in a frozen lake attempting to rescue a trapped boy, Callum awakes in 1964 to find himself inhabiting the body of a battered young man called Calvin, who recently died in suspicious circumstances.
Following a hostile confrontation with a criminal gang known as the Gemmell’s, Callum flees south from Glasgow for a new life in London. After a string of dead-end jobs and life in the swinging sixties far from swinging, Callum jumps at the chance to join a struggling pop group, who, thanks to his astounding talent for writing hit pop songs, quickly become one of the hottest bands around.
However, just when Callum thinks life couldn’t get any sweeter, the sordid truth about Calvin’s past rears its ugly head and the Gemmell’s arrive in town seeking bloody vengeance.


The Viper Lounge

Having retired from active service in Afghanistan, an ex-Royal Marine, opens a live venue bar (The Viper Lounge) with backing from a well-connected, semi-retired, old school gangster.
The Viper lounge is a series of sixteen offbeat drama stories (2 per book) laced with dark humour. The stories focus on the interaction and exploits of broad set of characters, associated with a fictional bar/venue in a moderately wealthy, riverside town in south Essex.

Helmand Afghanistan 2008. Introduction to principle characters – Jimmy Calder and Dan Jardine.
Essex 2022, the life of a Slovakian woman hangs in the balance, after a ruthless eastern European drug gang accuses her of treachery – plunging Jim into a deadly crisis of conscience.

Introduction to all secondary and supporting characters.
Jim meets new veterinary doctor Amanda. ‘Businessmen’ Perry Shaw and Dennis ‘The scrap man’ Ronson, have a territorial dispute with a rival Midlands firm, resulting in a non-traditional method of settling matters.

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